The Final Album – OUT NOW!

Thank you so much!

OSL Tivoli - Hans Verbiesen

The Anywhere From Here album tour is over and it was AWESOME. We played four super fun shows and we are so thankful for the whole adventure!

The venues: Effenaar, Melkweg, Paard van Troje and Tivoli – thanks for having us and for your hospitality.

Our supports Vienna, Adelaide and Kids Can’t Fly. Thanks for coming over and playing some great shows. Hope you enjoyed yourselves… we loved your company!

Our crew: Sander, Kris, Yves, Martijn and Bram. You know we love you and we wouldn’t survive a tour without you. Thank you so much for your time, love and energy.

And the most important ingredient for a succesful tour: YOU, our fans, our audience, our friends. I’m not gonna lie to you: after we finished this album we were super excited but also scared. Scared none of you would like our new sound, our new band. Scared nobody would turn up at our shows.

But you came. You sang, you danced, you screamed. This means the world to us. We love you and hope to see you soon at our next tour!

What did you like best about the shows? Tell us in the comments.


Bjørgen, Bram, Hinne, Jochem, Roderick (& Lucas)