The Final Album – OUT NOW!


releasedate: 26.08.08

Turbulence (single)

01. Turbulence
02. October Tune

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Arno Krabman. Photography by Ramses Singeling. Artwork by Bram de Wijs.


lyrics: W. Bouma / music: W. Bouma, J. Winterwerp
Guess what; it hurts. In two, I burst. Needles as answers collapse in laughter. Your words are at a loss; Shiver’s all across your lips. And my eyes attempt to disguise… I’ve never been this far yet, please spare me from the edge. And even if this turbulence could cause a stormy night, I would fiercely hold on to my kite… As soon as we lay, the world took away our breath. And we might try. From tension to touch, collision results. As we exceeded the night; I never felt so right… Say self-regarded but I’m just done to the wide… And after two more days, she cries on the phone. And I’m convinced. The weather is calm, I let go.

October Tune

lyrics: W. Bouma / music: W. Bouma
I feel my heartbeat’s freezing as she sighs, but the friction eases me to call upon the surface when bad news comes crashing in. And it’s the room that pulls me closer to the walls, because I’m afraid to lose it all inside this empty growing space that I’d called home… And I’m sure it feels awkward to tell me the same, the same you told your friends before. Before I’ll shake your apologies, I scatter and fray… I feel weak at the things you’ve said, because I can tell there’s no way they’ll get out of my head. Here’s your heart back, bring me our fire, I’ll burn the day; october’s here to stay… So here we sit, the pouring stops. My eyes are shut, her fingers crossed. And every inch between us was alright. Yes, I caught the lie. Step one; I breathe, step two; ‘us’ dies, step three; I leave and feel the end, as if our time was never spent…