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The Moonlight Sky

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releasedate: 18.04.11

The Moonlight Sky (single)

01. The Moonlight Sky
02. Love Again
03. Over You

Produced by Arno Krabman, Sander van der Hoorn and Only Seven Left. Recorded by Arno Krabman and Sander van der Hoorn. Mixed by Arno Krabman. Mastered by Troy Glessner. Photography by Tom Barnes. Artwork by

The Moonlight Sky

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs
In the centre of attention, on the centre of the stage. Smile the day away but you will never turn the page. Should I ask you how you’re feeling or pretend I didn’t hear the silence in your words? But your voice is loud and clear. Sing me a song under the moonlight sky. Give me a chance tonight. You should know that I’m sick of feeling awkward. Deflate my ego like an air bed and destroy my self esteem. I’d come home with you but there’s no “I” in team. You don’t know it is not your fault ’cause I will never learn. No, I will never learn.

Over You

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs
I don’t wanna be over you. I’ve survived so many broken hearts. I don’t care if I’m feeling sad, it just means I’m not numb yet. My bed wasn’t made for two but it’s so empty, so cold… so clean. I miss your sweet scent, your lips, your breath. Another song for you, maybe we could make an album. I introduced your other side but you let out the animal in me. It’s hard enough this way, please stay on your side of the landscape. I thought that we could make it work but it’s enough, don’t make it worse. I thought the best was yet to come but now it’s over and you’re gone.

Love Again

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs
Suddenly I realized it’s never gonna be alright and I, I’m feeling so alone that I could die. I want to write you, I want to call but that’s not gonna help at all, and so I’ll be staring ghosts into the wall. I wish that I could say how I miss you every day, but it’s foolish to prefer the easy way. And I know that you will say that you really want to change, but I guess it’s not enough to make me stay. Sometimes when I come home from work, I hope you’re waiting at my door and say: all of this was just the start of more. I’m afraid that no one could ever love me like you would, ’cause I’m easily and often misunderstood. I’ll leave your picture hanging on my wall. I won’t forget you but I should let go and try to set you free. I can’t imagine I will love again, but I will love again. You will love again. And I wish that I could say that I’m better off this way, but I miss you more with every single day.