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Sleeping Without You

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releasedate: 26.08.10

Sleeping Without You (single)

01. Sleeping Without You
02. Worst Friend Award
03. Sleeping Without You (Instrumental)

Produced by Arno Krabman, Sander van der Hoorn and Only Seven Left. Recorded by Arno Krabman and Sander van der Hoorn. Mixed by Arno Krabman. Mastered by Troy Glessner except for track 3, mastered by Martijn Groeneveld. Photography by William Rutten. Artwork by

Sleeping Without You

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs, H. Winterwerp
You’re taking this way too serious. And I’m not even gonna believe it, what you’re seeing in us. I’m taking it one step at a time. I’m not trading for hearts for each other. No, I’d rather resign. So goodnight sweetheart. I’m not staying awake another hour ‘cause you’re just staying away all night. I’ll be sleeping, I’ll be sleeping without you. You’ve already fit me in your plan. But I’m not really ready to join you. Disappoint you again. So goodnight sweetheart.

Worst Friend Award

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs
I tried to forget you but I did not have to, ‘cause how can I love you when you only hurt me? You’re trying to spare me from your shallow adventures, but how can I trust you when I’ll never be sure? I wanted to help you and I tried to be there, but how can I love you when you constantly leave me? So here is your trophy for being the worst friend. How do you feel, shit? You really deserve it. Thank you for this, thank you for that. I’ll thank myself for everything else. I wanted to end it for twenty-five minutes, But how can i hate you after all we have been through? So here is your trophy for being the worst friend. Congratulations, you really deserve it.