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Love Will Lighten The Dark

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releasedate: 09.04.12

Love Will Lighten The Dark (single)

01. Love Will Lighten The Dark

Produced, recorded and mixed by Arno Krabman. Mastered by Troy Glessner. Artwork by

Love Will Lighten The Dark

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: R. Knijnenburg, B. de Wijs, A. Krabman
I woke up with the feeling there’s a reason I’m still here. I looked up at the ceiling, heard you whisper in my ear: ‘I opened up my eyes, our dreams may come alive’. But it’s not a secret, if no one can keep it. I’m over living lies. We will never dance in the spotlight. We will never kiss by the moonlight. I can’t hold your hand in the daylight. Love will lighten the dark. She said ‘stay out of trouble’ but my hands were never clean. I’ll be safe in our bubble but with nothing left to dream. We will never sleep in the sunlight. We will never touch in the streetlight. You can’t hold my hand in the daylight, but love will lighten the dark. I try to hope less but it’s hopeless.