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It Was All A Dream

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releasedate: 24.09.10

It Was All A Dream (album)

01. The Moonlight Sky
02. Lost And Found
03. Wake Up Call
04. I Am Sorry (ft. Miss Montreal)
05. Saturday
06. Silhouettes
07. My Side Of The Story
08. Sleeping Without You
09. Worst Friend Award
10. A Shoulder To Cry On

Produced by Arno Krabman, Sander van der Hoorn and Only Seven Left. Recorded by Arno Krabman and Sander van der Hoorn. Mixed by Arno Krabman. Mastered by Troy Glessner. Photography by Eljee, SetVexy, William Rutten. Artwork by

The Moonlight Sky

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs
In the centre of attention, on the centre of the stage. Smile the day away but you will never turn the page. Should I ask you how you’re feeling or pretend I didn’t hear the silence in your words? But your voice is loud and clear. Sing me a song under the moonlight sky. Give me a chance tonight. You should know that I’m sick of feeling awkward. Deflate my ego like an air bed and destroy my self esteem. I’d come home with you but there’s no “I” in team. You don’t know it is not your fault ’cause I will never learn. No, I will never learn.

Lost And Found

lyrics: B. van Dalen / music: R. Knijnenburg, B. van Dalen
So I’m glad you joined the show. I’m glad you found some ways to let go. Because now the band starts playing songs that we already know. And the crowd starts moving, things were getting out of control. We were falling slowly on the ground. Words you spoke were lost and found. We’re back on the run. We’re coming undone. We’re only waiting. We’re back on the front. I think that we’ve won. And I’ll just stay right here. Hey, I’m glad you decided to stay. I’m glad you didn’t look the other way. No, I am not tired, I just don’t know what to say. I’m feeling rolled up but there’s nothing that can stand in my way. I was falling slowly on the ground. Words you spoke were lost and found. The things that you said, the numerous rounds were just lost in the head. But now i’ve found you. Lost and found you. I was lost and found.

Wake Up Call

lyrics: B. van Dalen, R. Knijnenburg / music: R. Knijnenburg, B. van Dalen, W. Bouma
On the edge of a passing day. Times are fading, thoughts are washed away. The moon is taking over. Underneath the stars I’ve walked for miles. I crossed a river just to see your smile. I see you standing and I try to reach out for you. Do you hear that sound? Beep, beep: wake up call. You thought you had it all but it was all a dream. It’s a brand new day and you’re not planning to stay. So wake up, get out of bed. We are running out of time. Our love is ending, say goodbye. ‘Cause this might be our last chance. ‘Cause I hear that sound again. Try to snooze and sleep again, back to that dream where you live in. This can not last, I can’t get track. I just want you back.

I Am Sorry (ft. Miss Montreal)

lyrics: B. van Dalen, R. Knijnenburg / music: B. van Dalen, R. Knijnenburg, A. Krabman
What happened between you and me? What situation made us act this way? I’m afraid that this will last forever. Our love is vanished without a trace. We talked for hours on the phone but I’ve never felt more alone. This could be the last time. I am sorry for being honest. I am sorry for being with you. I guess that we are just giving things up. Is our journey over? Is this the end? Still we’re talking on the phone and still I’m feeling so alone. Yeah this is the last time. Remember all our dreams. Can’t we give it some more time? Think about the days when it felt we were the only ones alive. I cannot stay here. I cannot be with you. I am sorry…


lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs, H. Winterwerp
Six days a week you’re a complete stranger and I can’t seem to catch your eye. Monday your face shows nothing but danger, Tuesday you just don’t reply. Wednesday you pass like a wave in the ocean but you don’t even wave goodbye. Thursday in vain I will wait by your house but Friday I am counting the hours. Saturday you’re just a phone call away. My heart starts beating and your words repeating. Saturday you’re just a phone call away. So pick up, pick up, come on, let your body talk. I’d love to come closer but talking is a start. I’ll just rest my head here and listen to your heart. Try to get up on a cold Sunday morning. I turn my head and see your face. You quickly wake up, disappear without warning. Monday I am counting the days.


lyrics: B. van Dalen / music: B. van Dalen, S. van der Hoorn
I had a hole in my bed. It felt cold, black and dead. A perfect case of missing pieces in the puzzle of your life. I left ’cause it felt bad, went outside, the sun still red and suddenly I felt that sunset is so much more than just a sight. Sang it before but I never meant it. Knew there was more but I never felt it. But who can blame you when a ride through love street is just a race with you on the backseat? There was no reason to stand back. I made my move and took the step on a road into the mountains, a cycling path with ups and downs. Now there is a glow underneath these white sheets. There was a gap and we fixed it. You’ll wake me when the sun shines through in a room that we both knew. The sails are set to miss the iceberg when we pass, floating into silhouettes of epic quests.

My Side Of The Story

lyrics: B. de Wijs, B. van Dalen, R. Beld / music: B. van Dalen, R. Beld
Wrong, you got it all wrong. But you won’t hear my side of the story. So I am gone. It’s over and done. I’m sleeping alone tonight. Right, I’m feeling alright. As long as I keep my mind off thinking over that night. And how you replied when I said it’s over. Hide the tears that I cried. I no longer need your sweet compassion now we collide. You tear me inside. I’m pulling the covers. It took you so long to figure out just what you were missing. You’re moving on, I’m not the one. I wonder whose lips you will be kissing when I’m gone. Goodbye my life goes on. Time, I needed more time. I lost myself somewhere along the way. I’m trying to find what I leave behind whenever we disagree. Go, I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna close the door to everything that I know. I’m moving so slow. I thought you belonged to me.

Sleeping Without You

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs, H. Winterwerp
You’re taking this way too serious. And I’m not even gonna believe it, what you’re seeing in us. I’m taking it one step at a time. I’m not trading for hearts for each other. No, I’d rather resign. So goodnight sweetheart. I’m not staying awake another hour ‘cause you’re just staying away all night. I’ll be sleeping, I’ll be sleeping without you. You’ve already fit me in your plan. But I’m not really ready to join you. Disappoint you again. So goodnight sweetheart.

Worst Friend Award

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: B. de Wijs
I tried to forget you but I did not have to, ‘cause how can I love you when you only hurt me? You’re trying to spare me from your shallow adventures, but how can I trust you when I’ll never be sure? I wanted to help you and I tried to be there, but how can I love you when you constantly leave me? So here is your trophy for being the worst friend. How do you feel, shit? You really deserve it. Thank you for this, thank you for that. I’ll thank myself for everything else. I wanted to end it for twenty-five minutes, But how can i hate you after all we have been through? So here is your trophy for being the worst friend. Congratulations, you really deserve it.

A Shoulder To Cry On

lyrics: B. de Wijs / music: R. Knijnenburg, B. de Wijs
It’s the first day of the year but I’m not feeling as good as new. I’m waiting for my head to collapse. There’s the message that I feared and I can’t hold it back no more. I leave the room to enter the gap. I’ve had enough to drink for weeks. I’ve had enough of empathy, advice and well-intentioned lies. All I needed was a shoulder to cry on. It’s your footsteps in hall, it’s your arm reaching out for me. I’m prepared to let down my guard. No longer care about the fall now the pain is all over me. I feel like there’s a hole in my heart. All I needed was your shoulder. I remember years ago when you were just a kid who wouldn’t leave me alone. Who would have thought you’d dry my tears? Now the tables have turned. I wonder if you’d look up to a king with no throne. I hope we’ll keep this running for years. For years and years and years.