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Forever Is A Lie

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releasedate: 19.01.07

Forever Is A Lie(EP)

01. Leave It All
02. Last Night
03. Intention’s Left Your Vacant Smile
04. Sad Exhibitions
05. Goodbye Now

Produced by Bram de Wijs. Recorded by Bram de Wijs and Jochem Winterwerp. Mixed by Bram de Wijs. Mastered by Martijn Groeneveld. Artwork by

Leave It All

lyrics: W. Bouma / music: W. Bouma
There we stand and our hands slipped away from eachother. We as pretending ones during our last sunset. Would you stay untill your dreams have become your radio? Patiently waiting for the slightest breeze to take you home again? And you will never be the first one, to see us together has its faults. And I will be waiting down your window, because I don’t want to leave it all… I don’t want to leave it all. You got me screaming; insecure descents are coming up to what you’ve always dreamed of… So long my dear old heart. So curious and forced to know what’s right or wrong. Distracted by the drug which name is yours too. Aren’t we obviously exhausted?

Last Night

lyrics: W. Bouma / music: W. Bouma
I just lost the way to truth. I try to find myself and wish you had pulled me through. But it feels like home when you leave me alone; at the end of the day I’m a fool on my own. But if I, had just a minute to forget the otherside and made the words undone I said. After all I tried to get you not upset, I wonder how to get lost and found; without you I’m rejected… Where’s that shallow thing that makes my life brighter, can’t you see i’m not cool enough to say?

Intention’s Left Your Vacant Smile

lyrics: W Bouma / music: W. Bouma
The clock’s gone its own way; discording from everything I ever hoped for. Yet so dishonest is the race we try to keep up with. Do you want everyone else to fail before you do? We were straddling the white line of the most trickery road that we ever have been to. Our love’s outrageously surrounded by your greedy, selfish lies. I know everything will be alright, still I feel like we’re facing the way back down. Well it strikes, intention’s left your vacant smile, at least repeat my favourite end. And I’ll know, I know… And every airplane we pointed at seemed as tiny as our fingertips. I hope you’ll agree with the fact that I won’t say a thing, because I’m gasping for breath in this cold summer night. I know everything will be alright, I got to stretch out my arms because she blurs my sight. Time has laughed at us trying to overtake its way, in spite of all the days we’d thrown away to know. And I’ll know, I know… I know everything will be alright, I thought we’d speed up but we fell behind. a brilliant crash was something you were preparing for, so tragic were the gainings, explanations are the worst to know in this situation.

Sad Exhibitions

lyrics: W. Bouma / music: W. Bouma, R. Knijnenburg
Well I never fell apart like that, my heart sparkled and took off straight ahead. Closing directions to senses I never trust again. You looked away when I saw you stare… You pushed your way through my veins into my head; you were stuck in my brains. Unconsciousness embraces my fears, you chase me in my dreams… And all I saw was an extended sense of superstition, it’s time to leave, I won’t be faced with any sad exhibitions. I hope you will take my curiosity into account. Envious dreams isn’t what I long for anymore, let’s take him down was what my destiny shouted. Someday I’ll understand your amazing passion to break my heart each time. Over again.

Goodbye Now

lyrics: W. Bouma / music: J. Winterwerp, R. Knijnenburg
Your heart’s been broken, your memories gone. She took them as a token and left with the sun. You realize now; your life was a lie. You fell into the ground, looking up to the sky… All you do is cry now, nothing’s really worth. Since she said goodbye now and left you oh, so hurt… Screaming at the stars, watching passing cars. You see the birds flying by, but all you do is cry. Forever is a lie.