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One More Time


One More Time live during The Final Show in De Vorstin, Hilversum. iTunes | Spotify

Camera: Robin Datema, Dave Guldemond, Ad Roland
Edit: Bram de Wijs
Stage lights: Martijn Wezenberg, Intervisual Lasershow
Special thanks to De Vorstin, Media Tools, our crew, our fans
Produced by Only Seven Left and Martin Beusker

music: Bram de Wijs, lyrics: Bram de Wijs
Tip, I used to be on the tip of your tongue. Top, I used to be on the top of your mind. Tap, I used to be on the tap of your finger but you had to let it linger. So let�s do it one more time. Get some gas and get out of our minds. Let�s do it one more time. Get some girls and get them out of their minds. So let�s do it one more time. Touch, I used to cringe at the touch of your hand. Tap, I held my breath at the tap of your footsteps. Chip, I used to feel like a chip on your shoulder but I guess we�re growing older. And I know that I promised never to let go but I�m letting go right now. I know that I was not supposed to let go but I�m letting go right now. I feel like I�m invisible sometimes, feel like you were never really just mine, feel like I was born in the wrong time. Now I feel like putting on the big lights. And I know that I promised never to let go but I�m letting go right now.

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The Final Videodagboek


In ons laatste videodagboek zie je hoe we samen een tattoo laten zetten backstage in Den Haag en natuurlijk hoe we The Final Tour afsluiten met een knaller in Hilversum!

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